Puzzle ‘Teman Bermain’


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merupakan media mengajarkan nilai persahabatan dan empati kepada anak usia 4+
mengajarkan anak untuk bisa bermain bersama teman-teman dengan berbagai macam ras, suku, budaya, dan keadaan fisik yang berbeda.
kertas :ivory berlapis karton laminasi glossy
ukuran : 21 x 21 cm tebal : 4mm
isi : terdiri dari 25potongan puzzle
dilengkapi dengan pouch untuk menyimpan potongan puzzle


a play kit to teach the value of friendship and empathy for children (4+yo)
tell children to have friends with various races, ethnicities, cultures, and different physical conditions.

product specification:
paper: ivory coated glossy laminated cardboard
Size: 21 x 21 cm
thickness: 4 mm
content: consists of 25 puzzle pieces
included a pouch to store puzzle pieces


Assalamuallaikum, Kalandara is an Islamic creative studio in Bandung, Indonesia. Our mission is
mainly to make children love Islam since early age.
We design and produce interesting learning kits / books / apparel for children.

Weight 300 kg


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