PRODUCT AVAILABILITYEvery product in kalandaragoods.com is available as long as not marked “out of stock”. If the product is already sold out or out of stock, and if it will be restocked, you can ask to receive a notification email when the product is already available.
We will always keep our system well working in order to give you better services. If accidentally you order an item that’s out of stock, it will be canceled and you will be informed via email or phone. If your product has been canceled and you’ve paid, you will be given the option to choose another product or to receive your money back.

PURCHASEAny purchase which is already “shipped” cannot be cancelled. kalandaragoods.com affords the Item Return only if the items are incorrect.

PAYMENTPayment shall be made within a maximum of 1 x 12 hours after customer/buyer booked the item at kalandaragoods.com (checkout). If buyer has not made payment within the mentioned time, the transaction will be automatically canceled, and the items are returned to the system.

Once we confirm your payment, we will send your order the next day.

DELIVERY AND SHIPPINGThe item will be delivered within a day at the fastest shipping option on working days of the payment confirmation. The period of delivery depends on the delivery service used. The delivery services are responsible for the item shipping upon the item acceptance by them.